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Last edited: 05/20/2007



Beehive Activity Ideas

by: Shiloah Baker

Make a quilt for each girl

Make a quilt out of a sheet with handprints from paint for each elder who goes on a mission

Make gingerbread houses

Make Christmas cross-stitch lids for canning jars, filled with candy

Paint pots and planted flowers- give to nursing home

Write letters to the inactive girls

For Mother's Day paint pots and made homemade cookies and turned them into flowers by sticking with a skewer. Sell them for $2 to the Priesthood and delivered them to the mom's on
Mother's Day at their various callings.

Make corsages for a Relief Society project

Make Mormonads

One ward had an awesome idea. They had a basket full of goodies such as hairbows, candy, jewelry, earrings, etc. and every time we did a yw goal we showed the leader the book and they gave us the basket and we got to pick one thing for each goal. It was very motivating!!!

Every time a young woman moved into the ward or moved up from Primary the new girl got a red, silk rose.

Have a pizza slumber party- make your own homemade pizzas and work on personal progress

Go swimming





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